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A new type of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft (UAV VTOL)


Creating a Solution

We work with people and companies that are interested in developing and using UAV VTOL aircraft, including unmanned aircraft, in their organization. We offer clear practical solutions for the creation of UAV VTOL, which can be applied in almost any industry and in any direction.


Representing the most promising direction in the development and creation of a new type of vertical takeoff and landing aircraft

What is UAV VTOL "KAMA"?

UAVs VTOL are one of the most challenging developments of our time, which, according to the Industry 4.0 strategy, are one of the most powerful and profitable business areas for the very near future. The creation of the UAV VTOL will provide enormous business benefits to users and developers due to a multiple increase in the range and scope of the use of aircraft and UAVs VTOL.


Contrary to the existing complex solutions available in military technology, the KAMA UAV VTOL is more technically safe and cost-effective, environmentally sound, quickly and efficiently perform all the functions of the aircraft, when necessary.


In addition, the ranges of application of the UAV VTOL are so diverse that it can be used for the transportation and delivery of goods in almost any industry, such as gas and oil, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Border Guard, communications and communications, the navy, Russian Railways and the Electric Power Industry.


Climatic conditions of use will make it possible to use it in all regions of Russia, in the South and Siberia, in the North and the Far East, in all weather conditions acceptable for the use of aviation equipment, in winter and summer. In principle, it has no restrictions on the time of use and distance, within the characteristics and purpose of each UAV VTOL.


This type of aircraft will significantly improve communication between people and enterprises, develop trade, production, and service. All this will improve the quality of life of people and the development of the environment in which they live.



  • A unique airframe with a thick profile, load-bearing fuselage, made of composite materials
  • Jet engines (gas turbine, electric, hybrid)
  • UAV VTOL dynamic control system, no kinematic flight controls
  • Propulsion integrated modular thrust and lift unit
  • ACS for flight, vertical takeoff, landing and aircraft rescue in emergency situations
  • High-volume cargo compartment for mechanized operations


All systems operate on classical principles and laws of aerodynamics and heat and mass transfer.


Our experience


Over the past 30 years, the people of our company have participated and carried out dozens of research works in the field of aero and gas dynamics, design work in the aircraft industry, and created many products used in aviation, engine building, and energy. They are the authors of know-how and patented ideas, which helped to create a breakthrough technological solution.


Now we are working with state and commercial companies, including foreign ones, industry, with companies developing the necessary component equipment, such as engines, micro turbines, automated control systems and software, and materials, for example, composite and electrical.


All unique results are patented and have world-class solutions.


Sychev Vladimir - team leader. For 30 years in Russia and abroad, he has worked and led teams of professionals in the largest private and state-owned companies and structures, organizing and implementing the most complex projects and tasks of modernizing industrial construction and scientific research.


Boris Kulikov is an organizer with proven successful experience in creating and managing investments in technology and science-intensive products in well-known Russian and foreign companies, having behind MGIMO and experience in international relations, building mutually beneficial, trusting and honest partnerships.


Alexander Ambrozhevich is a supervisor and decision maker, Doctor of Technical Sciences and professor with more than 40 years of research experience in aviation and engine building. He took part in solving the most complex technological and design problems, the author of know-how and numerical models of engines and aircraft implemented in solving the most difficult practical production problems.

Kartashev Andrey and Korenev Alexey are the authors of design developments and projects in aircraft construction, aircraft modeling and UAV VTOL. The energy and the golden future of the team, which already have in their portfolio real, successful, unparalleled completed aircraft and UAV VTOL projects as part of well-known research institutes.