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Expert board


Shikhin Vladimir Anatolievich

Candidate of technical sciences


Consulting services in:

  • critical projects for creating "turn-key" power facilities and process systems
  • forming efficient diversified teams of specialists for completing complex projects
  • working with large amounts of diversified information in making prompt decisions and in establishing new promising business projects
  • processing legal and regulatory framework in power engineering and FEC
  • solving complex organizational and technical issues in interaction with regulatory authorities, customers, partners, and contractors.
  • resolving disagreement with contractors when contracts are made
  • participation in tenders and sales of power equipment and services
  • identifying and analyzing possible financial and technical risks in making contracts with contractors and during launch of major technical projects (e.g. construction of power plants).


Graduated from the Moscow Power Engineering Institute, electrical engineer, Ph. D. in management of technical systems. 35 years of experience in power industry, experience in research and teaching activities. At MPEI – Associate Professor, Deputy Head of Chair for Scientific Work, Head of the Management and InformaticsDepartment. Research and development, with Mosenergo, Teploelektroproekt, Energosetproekt, Kurchatov Institute. Held the positions of Director of the Department, Chief Engineer, Technical Director in engineering companies ANT-inform Transneftservis, TNS-Energo JSC, Engineering Center - Energoauditcontrol, General Electric RUS.

Member of the Committee on Metrology and Reliability at JSC ATS and SP Market Council, expert of the Architectural Committee of Technological Intellectual Energy System of Russia Platform, member of the Expert Council of the ROSATOM R & D Corporation.

Kulikov Boris Mikhailovich

Certified auditor for commercial assessment and examination of investment projects


Consulting services in:

  • development of investment policy of a company
  • development of investment plans for construction of new power and heat generation facilities
  • calculation of economic efficiency, attractiveness and feasibility of investment projects
  • analysis and audit of financial and economic activities of power engineering companies related to investment
  • forming one year and five years investment budgets and investment programs
  • monitoring of accomplishment of investment budgets of the managed companies
  • development of business-plans for plant construction
  • negotiations with partners, investors
  • analysis and audit of financial-and-economic activities of companies and partners
  • search for and optimization of external and internal sources of financing for investment projects
  • monitoring of financial and economic activities of enterprises and holding companies, including analysis and audit of current financial and economic activities
  • managerial and financial supervision of projects.


Graduated from the Moscow State Institute of International Relations of USSR MFA. Faculty of International Economic Relations. Over 35 years of successful work in governmental and Russian and international business companies.

Sychev Vladimir Borisovich


RCM Facilitator Certificate, ALADON NETWORK, USA

LCM, ISO 55000-2014, RCM, RCMII, FMEA, FMECA, PdM, CBM, RCA, Reliability Excellent– Certificates, USA

PMI, Japan CC Petroleum - construction projects management certificates in FEC


Consulting services in:

  • operation and maintenance of heavy industrial and power equipment and systems in FEC, power engineering, aviation, heavy industry, working with technical supervision bodies
  • management of complex projects, project portfolios, complex Programs (projects portfolios)
  • introduction of best practices in management and project management: ISO 55000:2014 – Asset Management (USA), PMI, JCCP (Japan)
  • introduction of best practices in reliability technology and MRO: RCM, RCMII, Condition Based Monitoring, FMECA, TPM, LCM, (International certificates)
  • development and introduction of programs and projects in energy efficiency, reducing energy consumption and costs
  • execution of critical project for creating "turn-key" power facilities and process systems
  • forming efficient diversified teams of specialists for completing complex projects
  • work with large amounts of diversified information in making prompt decisions and in establishing new promising business projects.


Graduated from the Order of Lenin Kharkov Aviation Institute (KAI) n.a. N. E. Zhukovsky. Over 25 years of successful work in governmental and Russian commercial industrial companies. In the role of the leader and developer, completed over 30 projects in efficiency, reliability and maintenance of industrial systems. 10 years of experience in the field of scientific research and public administration.


Ambrozhevich Alexander Vladimirovich

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences



Consulting services in:

  • development of thermal engines and aircraft
  • aerodynamic research in the field of transportation and industry
  • numerical simulation of gas dynamics and heat and mass transfer processes in heat engines
  • assessment of efficiency of power systems, installations and equipment

  • organization and performing research and examination of power systems, installations and equipment.


Graduated from the Order of Lenin Kharkov Aviation Institute (KAI) n.a. N. E. Zhukovsky. Worked at the Institute of Problems in Machine Engineering of the Academy of Sciences of USSR, Kharkov, All-Union Research and Manufacturing Association "Soyuzturbogaz", Kharkov, KAI with enterprises in aviation and mechanical engineering. Author of over 90 scientific works, over 10 invention patents, over 40 years of research and development in the interests of the leading aviation and motor industry companies.


Zhmakin Oleg Trofimovich

Auditor in ISO 14001 9001, awarded medals "For Achievements in Environment Protection"

auditor's certificate "Systems for Obligatory Certification in Environmental Requirements"



Consulting services in:

  • organizing, preparing and obtaining licenses and other permits for operation of hazardous industrial facilities, environmental management and fire-fighting
  • regulation of use and allocation of water resources based on the needs of hydroelectric power plants and territorial entities of the RF
  • monitoring safety of hydraulic structures' operation
  • reconstruction of biological water treatment plants, waterworks, heating systems, pressure and free-flow sewers, temporary and heating boiler houses, gas supply for technological processes
  • introduction of alternative systems of communication, measuring instruments, including radioisotope and ultrasonic
  • legal proceedings involving application of the environmental legislation in urban, regional and arbitration courts and in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation.

Graduated from the Leningrad Pulp and Paper Technology Institute, planning engineer, engineer-chemist-technologist. Over forty years of production and managerial experience at the largest pulp and paper enterprises, from foreman to chief engineer, deputy general director. Academy of Utilities Management, Lower Saxony, Germany, Utility Manager. Certified according to legislative and regulatory technical documentation as the Head of:

- labor safety;

- industrial safety (A, B1, B7, B8, B9, B10);

- fire safety.