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https://youtu.be/9OQ3KfDRwH0 - 2022 11 20 VDNKh exhibition of drone copters - 1 channel TV

https://youtu.be/C_QSXQxSS-o - New Russian UAVs at the Aeronet exhibition 2035

https://tv.rbc.ru/archive/news/6376514f2ae5961f42ad6eac - RBC news about UAV VTOL from с 10:30

https://www.tvc.ru/news/show/id/254303 - Sobyanin: The Federal Center for Unmanned Aerial Systems will be created in Moscow – TVCenter

https://www.mos.ru/mayor/themes/183299/8742050/ - Sergei Sobyanin and Denis Manturov decided to create a federal center of unmanned aerial systems in Rudnev

https://riamediabank.ru/media/8318636.html?context=list&list_sid=list_290130488 - Multifunctional unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) of aircraft type "Kama", presented at the exhibition-presentation of technological products and solutions in the field of unmanned aerial systems "Aeronet 2035" in the pavilion Cosmos at VDNKh in Moscow. - RIA News

https://aif.ru/society/gallery/rossiyskie_bespilotniki_v_moskve - AiF, Russian drones in Moscow