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LLC KAMA obtained two favourable decisions in respect of delivery of patents for inventions. It is the end product of composite work dedicated to manufacture of multi-purpose no-aerodrome vertical (point and short) takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle, and this will provide the users, developers of technologies and manufacturers with opportunity to gain giant advantages on account of multiple expansion of the area and scope of use of aerial vehicles in order to secure the development of infrastructure in hard to access region of the North, Siberia and Far East of Russia. The aerial vehicle being constructed has many points in its favour compared with conventional, i.e.:

  • capability to takeoff and land off-aerodrome due to engineered capability associated with vertical, point takeoff and landing;
  • capability to fly amid poor weather conditions, with high speed and over great distances due to turbojet engines integrated with the airframe;
  • it is environmentally acceptable. Thin planar jets from engines induce an ample quantity of air, reduce dramatically their temperature and exhaust velocity, securing low temperature and force impact on the takeoff and landing surface;
  • capability to be operated in a confined space inasmuch as it is not provided in terms of design with dangerous propellers; furthermore, the UAV VTOL does not require the runway, and may hover, as circumstances may require, as helicopter;
  • capability to fly in an unmanned mode, for which reason it is not necessary to have pilot training routine;
  • this UAV is provided, in comparison with the other VTOL aircrafts, with high capacity of the cargo hold and useful load;
  • it is failure-surviving and cost effective due to specific engines location, gas-dynamic steering system, and as a consequence, the lack of dangerous transitions stages during takeoff and landing.

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