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V.B. Sychev, the Company’s Director General, delivered his report in the Patriot Exhibition and Convention Centre, during the meeting of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation for innovation projects and technologies under auspices of Andrey Goncharov, Major General1 and the Head of the General Office for Scientific Research and Engineering Support of Advanced Technologies (Innovation Research) of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation. The Committee was glad to be presented with demonstration of the prototype-mockup dedicated to short/vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle (no-aerodrome based). The aircraft is designed and suitable for delivery of cargo (weight up to 1 000 kg) for distances of up to 1 000 km, speed - 500 km/h. That UAV is capable of performing vertical takeoff and landing from the helispots and may fly in weather conditions of Siberia, the North and Far East.


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