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LLC KAMA filed to the Federal Institute of Patent Ownership (FIPS) two new applications for inventions in the field of vertical takeoff and landing aircrafts. Our solutions outcompete the best domestic and foreign counterparts; and this will allow to the users and customers to gain significant competitive advantages in business. The Company’s experts continue their research and refinement of functional capabilities and use of vertical and short takeoff and landing aircrafts in the hard to access regions of the Russian Federation. The developments demonstrate scientific and commercial potential.

In Obninsk, our Company’s experts took part in the conference, hosted by OAO Obninskoe Research and Production Enterprise TEKHNOLOGIYA named after A.G. Romashin, the leading enterprise in the Russian Federation in the field of manufacture of composite material products, and they also acquainted themselves with structures production technologies, shared insights with the top-level scientists, design specialist in the area of engineering manufacture and aviation of Russia in respect of the challenges of use of composite materials when manufacturing vertical and short takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicles.

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