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The Aviation Development Prospects Centre of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems (MNIIPU) and LLC KAMA negotiated the Joint Operating Agreement. MNIIPU is the institute, established for proper arrangement and performance of research and development activities, development of new technologies towards the priority development fields of aviation products, rapid commissioning of the scientific research results, and the use of scientific developments in the field of aeronautical engineering, civil aviation, state aviation, and experimental aviation to the benefit of the Russian economic growth. The subject-matter of this Agreement is cooperation in management of investing activities, research, development, manufacture and certification of purpose-designed vertical (point) takeoff and landing, no-aerodrome aircrafts of multifunction (MFBS) functionality, for the purposes related to development of infrastructure in the hard to access regions, cooperation in establishment, development and duplication of the latest technologies being elaborated in the course of creation, application of MFBS. The Agreement was signed by V.A. Oleynikov, the Director of the Aviation Development Prospects Centre of the International Research Institute for Advanced Systems, and V.B. Sychev, the Director General of LLC KAMA. The Parties have agreed to cooperate within the framework of consortium. Moreover, it is hereby specifically agreed and understood that any other partners may be admitted to the Consortium subject to the Parties’ mutual consent.



LLC Research and Production Enterprise POLYMEHKON and LLC KAMA made and signed the Cooperation Agreement in order to implement the Project “Manufacture of cargo, vertical takeoff and landing unmanned aerial vehicle”, developed by LLC KAMA using the procedure of manufacture from composite structures. Research and Production Enterprise POLYMEHKON is made up of high-end professionals, technologies and up-to-date manufacturing facilities for production of composite structure elements for the aircraft.

LLC Research and Production Enterprise POLYMEHKON manufactured, pursuant to our Company’s order, and within the framework of activities related to joint efforts, the mockup of the vertical takeoff and landing UAV VTOL developed by our Company for experimental development of the design, carrying out of aerodynamic tests and presentation of that development to eventual customers and users.

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